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Voith Schneider tractor “VELOX”

Captain Gregory Brooks has been actively involved in the towing industry for forty-three years and is considered to be one of the leading experts on escorting and escort tug technology in the world today.

Suggested Tractor Command Language
by Capt. G. V. Brooks and Capt. V. J. Schisler

Many mariners have asked if there is a standardized tractor command language in use around the world. Sadly, the answer is no. The authors have been attempting to standardize tractor commands as they conduct training of pilots in the use of tractors at marine simulators. Read more...

2007 - Tractor of the Year
by Captain Gregory Brooks MNI

Towing Solutions is proud to award our Tractor of the Year award to to the 6,300 Hp. “Z-Techs” THOR and WESLEY A designed by Robert Allan Ltd.  These boats are owned and operated by Suderman and Young Towing Co. and Bay Houston Towing Co. of Houston, TX. Read more...

2006 - Tractor of the Year: Foss “Dolphin” Class
by Captain Gregory Brooks MNI

Towing Solutions is proud to award our Tractor of the Year award to Foss Maritime’s new 5,100 Hp. “Reverse Tractor” Dolphin class boats designed by Robert Allan Ltd. These boats set a new standard for performance e and efficiency for tractors performing normal harbor duties. Read more...

2005 - Tractor of the Year: Velox
by Captain Gregory Brooks MNI

Towing Solutions is proud to award our Tractor of the Year award to the 5,000 KW (6,700 Hp.) Voith Schneider “true tractor” VELOX designed by Robert Allan Ltd. The boat is owned and operated by Østensjø Rederi AS located in Hougesund, Norway. Read more...

Escort Planning
Towing Nautical Institute
“Seaways” Article
by Captain Gregory Brooks MNI

While excellent work has been done using live trials and simulation work to quantify the science behind shiphandling and documenting for the mariner, one important area of shiphandling that has been left in the dark ages. This important area is the ability to accurately plan an escort transit. Read more...

The Utilization Of Escort Tugs In Restricted Waters
by Captain Gregory Brooks and Captain S. Wallace Slough

In the United States, the mandatory escorting of laden tankers is required by Federal Regulation in Puget and Prince William Sounds, and by the State of California in the ports of San Francisco, Los Angeles/Long Beach, San Diego, and Port Hueneme. Both the Federal and State regulations require the master to operate the vessel within the performance capabilities of the escort vessels. Read more...

Escorting Ships with Tractor Tugs
by Captain Gregory Brooks and Captain S. Wallace Slough

This article was the follow on article to the Utilization of Escort Tugs in Restricted waters and discusses more maneuvers that can be employed while escorting large ships in restricted waters. Read more...

Team Towing: Using relatively small tractors on heavy ships
by Captain Gregory Brooks and Captain V. J. Schisler

Many ports in the United States do not have large escort tractors to handle VLCCs as are employed in Prince William Sound and Puget Sound. This article address how you can use smaller tugs to safely and efficiently escort these large ships as well as the super boats can. Read more...

Tractor Training with Atlantic Towing, Ltd.
by Captain Gregory Brooks, Towing Solutions and Chris Hall, Atlantic Towing Ltd.

Atlantic Towing Ltd (ATL), of Saint John, NB has recently taken delivery of three new 5100 BHP Z Drive “reverse tractors” for harbor operations in new and existing markets. With these deliveries being more advanced than their existing fleets of Z Drives, ATL knew that they would need, at the very least, to develop a new training program to match the expanded capabilities of the new tugs. Read more...

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